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Curbs Incorporated has long been recognized as the quality solution to reaching the curb appeal and landscape goals of Massachusetts homeowners. We have worked closely with residential clients, home builders, designers, and architects for almost 20 years in order to deliver the vision of their custom landscapes.

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Our commitment to excellence and fostering relationships with our discerning clients are what make the Curbs team unique. In the end, it’s knowing that we have created a unique space that our clients will enjoy with their friends and families for years to come that keeps us building.

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Our goal is to provide a fully immersive and tailored experience that joins ideas with expertise in order to create the ideal custom landscape within your space.

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Family Garden


A beautifully crafted private, outdoor space using a contrast of wood and concrete with modern touches.

Fireside Dream Space


Harmony of natural and manufactured stone products resulting in an elegant yet comfortable outdoor space.

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The landscape construction industry is filled with incredible people that all share a common passion for what we do. Curbs Inc is grateful to all our trusted partners who work hard behind the scenes to make our projects a success. 

Stone Gallery | Landscape & Masonry Supplier

Unilock | Paving Stone Manufacturer 

Camosse Masonry | Landscape & Masonry Supplier

Techo-Bloc | Paving Stone Manufacturer 

Landscape Depot | Landscape & Masonry Supplier

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Social responsibility is embedded into the core values of Curbs Inc. Our non-profit initiative, Lemonade Inc, inspires youth entrepreneurship by contributing to every lemonade stand a Curbs Inc employee comes across.

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Houzz Testimonials

Posted on Houzz – August 8, 2020

I am pleased to highly recommend Curbs for brick/patio/masonry work. The quality of their service was outstanding, attention to detail was excellent, communication prompt and helpful, and the workers were knowledgable and respectful of the property and our neighbors… Communication throughout was prompt and informative. The workers were experienced and worked efficiently, keeping the work area very clean, protecting our driveway with sheeting, etc. Our patio now looks brand-new — thank you!

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Posted on Houzz – July 31, 2020

We hired Curbs, Inc to completely tear down and rebuild the hardscaping in our front yard. They were very responsive in their communications, provided a competitive price, cleaned up every day after work and completed the project on time. The end result was an amazing transformation of our front yard, which included retaining walls, front walkway and steps from sidewalk, driveway and to the front porch! We wouldn’t hesitate to hire them again.

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Posted on Houzz – July 9, 2020

We can’t thank Curbs enough for the beautiful new patio and outdoor custom stone fireplace. They are very talented with their design and the finish work is incredible. Their entire team was so professional, adapted to changes easily and left everything clean each night. We highly recommend them for all outdoor projects. Thank you Curbs!

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Posted on Houzz – June 1, 2020

The Curbs team was absolutely awesome! Excellent project design/outline/scoping, clear communication/expectation setting, and — most importantly — beautiful and thorough work! In addition, their team is thoughtful and considerate, working to minimize disruption wherever possible (in spite of majorly reworking large part of my property), and maintaining a very clean job site. Lastly, they worked incredibly quickly — doing a huge amount of work in a highly compressed timeframe — without cutting any corners. If anything, they over-delivered on the work they outlined. Very highly recommend the entire team!

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Posted on Houzz – May 31, 2020

When I first spoke with Nilton, he listened closely to what I wanted: a low wall along the edge of my property abutting the sidewalk. He then asked me several questions that pointed me in the right direction, questions that were perfect to get to the right solution. The result is a gorgeous 12” stone wall that is the hit of the neighborhood. The stones match the stones that make up the foundation of the house. The two masons who built the wall were superb, carefully chipping and measuring until they found just the right piece to fit each slot. I cannot recommend Nilton and Curbs highly enough. They are careful, caring craftsmen who do superb work.

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Curbs Inc Covid-19
Active Response:

Client Safety

Curbs Inc. continues to offer in-person consultations at this time, with additional safety precautions in place. We also offer virtual meetings as needed. The majority of our communication can be held electronically, and we have adapted our internal systems to support more contactless interactions.

Jobsite Safety

The Curbs Inc. Team is aware of new COVID compliant procedures on the job site including the use of masks and maintaining a safe distance wherever possible, and frequent sanitization rules. All Curbs Inc. employees are advised to take proper travel precautions.

Adapting to a New Industry Normal

Curbs Inc. has adapted to the major supply chain disruptions in the construction industry by restructuring our internal business procedures to accommodate the new normal. This includes ordering products in advance whenever possible and keeping in close contact with our suppliers to make ourselves aware of all shortages and availability.

Link to Kiln-Dried Firewood

Kiln-Dried Firewood


1/4 cord$250.00
1/2 cord$500.00
Full cord$1000.00

About Our Service

  • Price includes home delivery and stacking in your desired location (garage or outside)
  • Tarps available upon request
  • We sort small and medium sized kindling pieces (spare bins are helpful)
  • Driveway and stacking area are left clean
  • We greatly appreciate splitting full or half cords with neighbors

About The Product

  • Kiln-Dried Premium Hardwood.
  • Low moisture content (some moisture helps keep the wood burning longer)
  • 16” lengths of varying thicknesses
  • Insect-Free
  • Made in the USA
  • Cut using custom 12-way splitter

About Our Supplier

  • Certified by USDA and MDAR
  • Primarily sells kiln-dried firewood to grocery stores around New England