Environmental Sustainability

Native Plant Emphasis

Investing in new plants for your property will certainly transform your outdoor space. At Curbs Inc we believe that in order to maximize the value of new plantings, there should be an emphasis on using native plant species. Planting native not only helps restore our local ecosystem, but it also brings more of it to your property! Yes, that means more birds, butterflies, and pollinating bees.

Waste Materials Recycling

Removal and disposal of waste material is often the first step in one of our projects. It’s important to understand how these materials should be properly recycled according to government regulations and how to achieve the least amount of environmental impact. At Curbs Inc, we make an effort to dispose of our waste materials at the right locations and to sort them properly beforehand.

Open Base Installation

People have been paving with interlocking stone for centuries, and they have never stopped tweaking and improving the perfect base method. Our preferred method is Open Base Installation because it is 100% water permeable, which minimizes disturbance to the surrounding environment.

Reclaimed Stone Elements

Incorporating elements of reclaimed stone into our projects is a beautiful way to add character to your outdoor space while helping our environment. An old piece of granite could be your next mailbox post, water fountain, or pillar. Plus, exploring granite graveyards is tons of fun!