Contemporary Luxury Landscape

Landscape Architect: Curbs Studio
Photographer: Sabine Nordberg

“A most enthusiastic five stars for the wonderful team at Curbs Studio.  It’s not often you find a group as personable and professional as this one” – Westfield Residence

Meaningful landscapes are designed by being attuned to the user experience, the existing conditions and desires of our clients. The young family of this Norfolk, MA property wanted a space they could cook, dine, relax and play in. Listening to the wants and needs of our client, as well as acknowledging the existing conditions of the space, Curbs Studio worked closely with them to design a series of three functional terraces that lead seamlessly out of the home and into the existing, gently sloped landscape.

Steps down from the existing wooden deck and separated from the house by a linear layer of mixed perennials is the dining terrace. Contrasting stone pavers and a mixed perennial plant bed adds interest to this space while its convenient location makes setting and clearing the table (relatively) painless. The center terrace steps down and blends into the existing topography of the backyard and flows out onto the lawn. The users of this space are protected from the afternoon sun by the growing canopy of an intentionally placed Lilac tree. Continuing through the space, a fireplace terrace, etched into the earth and backdropped by a mixed, four season planting bed is a key focal point and a powerful view from the deck and terraces. To extend the usability of the space well into the evening, landscape lighting illuminates this multi-terraced outdoor living space via physical light switches in the home, or from the convenience of a smart device.

Together, these spaces accommodate our clients needs for a connected, child friendly space with an expansive lawn for a growing family. Curbs Studio prides itself in their craftsmanship and the experience of the homeowner throughout the design build process and are pleased that the owners of this property felt the same way.