Modern New England Curb Appeal

Landscape Architect: Curbs Studio
Photographer: Sabine Nordberg

Curbs Studio was introduced to this property after the homeowners completed an expansive home remodeling endeavor. The interior was transformed into a modern styled home that is calm and elegant. Ready to tackle the exterior, the homeowners sought out Curbs Studio to design and build a landscape that would be cohesive with the unique contemporary style of their newly renovated home.

Improving the circulation and functionality of the front yard, while keeping our design style consistent with the architecture of the existing home was our main priority. With the exception of a Zen Garden that includes three concrete spheres and an arcing pattern raked into the peastone, we kept a majority of our design concept linear and modern. This is seen through the narrow bands of black pavers in the driveway, the undeviating stepping stone walkway, the LED strip lights and set into the driveway underneath the west coast inspired concrete floating concrete steps.

Keeping our design style consistent with the front yard, a rectangular patio with a Japanese style garden sits in the center of this space and is a focal point of the backyard while an abstract warm and neutral paver pattern brings colors seen on the house and deck into the landscape. Beyond the patio are three gently curving rain gardens that intercept and slow the flow of stormwater runoff from a neighbor’s property allowing it to infiltrate back into the ground.