Social Responsibility at Curbs Inc

Founded by Curbs Inc in 2020, Lemonade Inc is a non-profit initiative dedicated to inspiring youth entrepreneurship within the local Massachusetts communities served by Curbs Inc. As a residential landscape construction company, traveling and spending time in neighborhoods is the core of our operation.

The Lemonade Inc initiative seeks to contribute to every single lemonade stand spotted by any and all members of the Curbs Inc team. The excitement on a child’s face when making a sale at their lemonade stand is a pure demonstration of entrepreneurial inspiration. 100% of donations to Lemonade Inc go directly towards contributions to local lemonade stands and inspiring the next generation of American Entrepreneurs.

What Happens with my Contribution?

Once Lemonade Inc receives a donation, the money is placed directly into a Lemonade Inc envelope along with an inspirational message to encourage the recipient to continue exploring an interest in entrepreneurship. We give donors the choice of including their first name and town within the envelope for a more personalized exchange. These envelopes are then given to the next lemonade stand seen by a Curbs Inc team member.  

Our Entrepreneurial Journey

Owners Nilton and Lucas Machado are proud and passionate entrepreneurs. Nilton grew up in rural Brazil where entrepreneurial instinct and ability was taught by his parents. As farmers, his family worked the land and earned their living based on what they produced themselves. Nilton has been a self-starter virtually ever since. 

Lucas embraced the entrepreneurial family genes from a young age, always seeking new venture opportunities and ways to create value. Like so many kids out there, setting up a lemonade stand was one of the first times Lucas practiced business. His efforts eventually led him to admission at Babson College to formally study entrepreneurship in Fall of 2017.

“It’s our version of the American Dream, and it’s as entrepreneurial as any story can be. Without my father’s grit, work ethic, and ability to see a better future for himself, I wouldn’t be the entrepreneur I am today” 

-Lucas Machado